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Red’s Tavern series

Red’s Tavern in small-town Amberfield: the drinks are always flowing, the men are always hot, and the love is always real.

A math nerd and football star get a second chance.
The Best Friend
A bartender and a gay adult film star make sparks fly.
The Rebel
A firefighter fakes it with a silver fox chef.
The Silver Fox
A military vet finds family with a newly single father.
The Single Dad
A bartender loves to hate his billionaire stepbrother.
The Stepbrother
A history nerd falls for his footballer roommate.
The Tight End
A film star needs a bodyguard and wants him for more.
The Bodyguard
A contractor and his best friend work together and more.
The Contractor

Kinley Island series

Meet the guys of small-town Kinley Island and get lost in the pine trees, quirky characters, and men finding true love.

Old friends get a second chance in a small town.
Come Home
A single dad with a troubled teenage daughter meets an ex-bad boy.
Break Free
A sweet, struggling baker meets a reluctant CEO.
Fall Deep
A cute nerd meets a cocky playboy during the winter holiday.
Your Wish

Rose Falls series

Follow the lives of men of Rose Falls, a quirky, artsy small town full of gossip, adventure, and love.

Childhood best friends reunite and heal old wounds.
Finally Falling
A straight man secretly falls for his best friend.
Summer Secret
A single dad meets a cocky playboy and learns what family means.
My Winter Family
A shy florist collides with a confident rebel.
Champagne Kiss
A small town bar owner falls for his slick businessman rival.
Spring for Me

Under the Stars series

Four former boy band members live and love after the breakup of their band.

Washed up, jaded Leo hires young, bubbly Jamie to write his biography.
Your Fallen Star
Charismatic playboy Eric stars in a cooking TV show with Dash, and things heat up behind the scenes.
The Sweetest Star
Mysterious, reclusive world traveler Adam falls for broken, big-hearted Grey.
Wild Star
Superstar Chandler works with hotshot producer Ash on his next single, and sparks fly.
Your Superstar

Mistview Heights series

The men of Mistview Heights find their true loves.

Adrian returns home and finds the man who was his first kiss.
Still Yours
Shy, awkward Mason hires Kade to be his confidence coach.
A Boyfriend by Christmas
City boy Shane becomes a park ranger, and Micah teaches him more than just ranger duties.
On the Ranger

Standalone Novels

Straight jock Jacob takes a road trip with his new friend Will, and they end up sharing a bed.
Can’t Stop Now
Jaded curmudgeon Zane has to be a groomsman, and falls for the human ray of sunshine Sebastian.
Always the Groomsman
A lonely, reclusive photographer has one hot night with a guy in a club… but now they live together.
Seeing Sunrise
A straight jock meets a gay music nerd and realizes he may not be so straight after all.
Breaking the Record

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