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Rose Falls Series: follow the lives of men of Rose Falls, a quirky, artsy small town full of gossip, adventure, and love.

cover_finallyfalling200300 Finally Falling (Rose Falls Book 1)

I swear, he isn’t my boyfriend. He’s just my best friend.
At least, he used to be….

From day one, our friendship never made sense. I was happy in the studio with a canvas and a paintbrush, and Russ was the gorgeous star quarterback that everyone loved… including me. But I could never tell him. He was straight. I should have been happy that I got to see a side of him that nobody else did: Russ was sensitive, thoughtful, and affectionate when it was just the two of us. Our friendship didn’t make sense, but it was ours. That’s all that mattered.

But after college, Russ left Rose Falls without even saying goodbye. I was ripped apart, and everyone could see it. But that was eight years ago. Ancient history. It was all in the past… Until suddenly, it wasn’t.

I’m done running. Eight years ago, I was terrified of losing everything because of feelings toward Devin I couldn’t shake. It shouldn’t have been possible—I was straight! So why couldn’t I keep my eyes off my best friend’s lips, his smooth skin, his body after a shower? I thought that leaving would make the confusion go away. But it never did.

Now that I’m back home, I feel like myself for the first time in my life. I need to make things right with Devin.

But I hadn’t anticipated falling into bed with him. And even after one scorching night, can Devin ever forgive me for leaving without a trace? Or have I missed my chance?

Finally Falling is a 68,000-word gay romance about two best friends falling in love. It features a kitten named Pepper, plenty of crunchy fall leaves, and hot ‘n’ steamy scenes next to a waterfall. It’s the first book set in the small, quirky town of Rose Falls, but can absolutely be read as a standalone novel.


mywinterfamily200300My Winter Family (Rose Falls Book 2)

He’s a family man. I’m a 32-year-old player.
Why the hell does he want me?

At my friend’s wedding, I had one rule: I would not hook up with any of the wedding guests.

But then I met Ryan, and I broke that rule in minutes.

It’s not my fault he was hot, flirty, and practically begged me to ravish him. Our connection was instant. I don’t do relationships, though—and when I found out Ryan was keeping a huge secret from me, I vowed to never see him again.

But this town is small. Before long, Ryan was visiting the coffee shop I work in every day. Why couldn’t I stop thinking about him, stop remembering how his lips felt on me? And in the chill of winter, being with him and his 6-month-old daughter feels like home. It’s scary. And it’s so not me. But I can’t help but feel like I’ve found a family.

I moved to the small town of Rose Falls to give my baby girl the life I never had. I had no plans to start dating right away, but during my first few weeks in town, Emmett fell into my lap—in every sense of the phrase.

Emmett was exciting, adventurous, and hot —he made me feel alive again. But he hates commitment. He hates marriage. And he certainly isn’t going to settle down.

But my heart soars when I see him get along so well with my baby, cook dinner, and curl up on my couch on snowy December nights. I shouldn’t get my hopes up with Emmett. But I love how he feels wrapped in my arms, and I can’t help but want him to be a part of my family.

My Winter Family is a 76,000-word gay romance about opening your heart up to love, even when you thought it had frozen over It features a baby named Anna who loves her spaceship-print onesie, plenty of wintertime snow flurries, and guys who get hot and steamy by the fire… and also in a supply closet. It’s the second book set in the small, quirky town of Rose Falls, but can absolutely be read as a standalone novel.


champagnekissebook200300Champagne Kiss (Rose Falls Book 3)

He was sweet and hot, but totally straight.
…Until he kissed me on New Year’s Eve.

Working at the convenience store isn’t exciting. I’m just here to help out my grandmother, take care of the store, and try to stay out of fights with shoplifters. But when Chase, the hot flower delivery guy, walked through our door, my world turned upside down. He was shy, but deeper than anyone I’d ever known.

So I took a chance. I invited him to a New Year’s Party. It wasn’t a date—he was straight, after all. But then I ended up with his arms wrapped around me, kissing as the clock struck midnight. But I know I can’t get my hopes up for anything real. It’s hot as fire when we’re together, but life keeps pulling us apart.

My New Year’s Resolutions were simple. Stop being so shy, go out with people, and finally come out of the closet. If only it were that easy.

When I walked into the convenience store and saw Andy, I nearly passed out. He’d been my crush for over a year, but with his tattoos and bad-boy popularity, I never thought he’d give me a second look. So when he invited me to a New Year’s party, I had to say yes. And a few drinks later, when my lips were on his, all I wanted was more. But being with Andy means facing something I’d been hiding my whole life: I wasn’t straight. If I wanted any chance of being with him, I knew I had to get over my fears.

Champagne Kiss is a 55,000-word gay romance novel. It features a local convenience store and its crazy cast of customers, forbidden love, and two guys who are opposites in every way… but can’t get enough of each other. It’s the third book set in the small, quirky town of Rose Falls, but can always be read as a standalone novel on its own.


SpringForMe200300Spring for Me (Rose Falls Book 4)

He’s cocky, filthy rich, and he might put me out of business.
…So why do I still want him so badly?

The last thing I needed was a hotshot opening a huge, fancy bar in my small town. On the same street as my own humble bar, Brew for You. But Taran isn’t just a problem for my business–he’s a problem for me. Ever since we met, he just wanted one thing from me: a casual hookup. But I don’t do that. I have a bar to run, a brother to take care of, and a mountain of family debt to pay back.

But then I ended up in Taran’s bed. My bar is in trouble, and meanwhile I’m sleeping with my biggest rival. So why is it hot as fire when we’re together? And why am I starting to think there a sweeter, wounded side of Taran I can’t resist?

I live, dream, and breathe success. I was already the most popular bar owner in the big city, and now I’m opening a new one in this dinky little nowhere town of Rose Falls.

Easy peasy, right? …or so I thought. Because everything is different in Rose Falls. For the first time in years, I have a crush on a guy. After being hurt too much in the past, I vowed never to be in a serious relationship again. But I’ve never met anyone like Patrick. He sees right through my persona. And God, he’s hot as hell in bed.

But could I really belong with him? Could I belong with anyone, in this tiny town that I can’t help but fall in love with?

Spring for Me is a 68,000-word gay romance about two rivals realizing the scariest thing of all: that they might be perfect for each other. It features plenty of small-town gossip, spring rain & flowers, and steamy scenes in a gazebo. It’s the fourth book set in the small, artsy town of Rose Falls, but can absolutely be read as a standalone novel on its own.


Under the Stars Series: all about the four members of a boy band and where their lives take them after the band broke up!

Your Fallen Star (Under the Stars Book 1)
A decade and a half ago, Leo Stone was famous. Fans galore, and money pouring in like a waterfall. Music industry royalty.

…And then the band broke up.

Leo went from a prince to pauper, and now he’s trying to make a comeback. To clean up his image and grab a little publicity, his manager hires Jamie Sheffield to write his biography.

Straight out of college, Jamie can’t believe his luck. He’d never quite gotten over his teen-aged crush on Leo, and now here he is, talking with Leo, thinking about Leo. Sleeping with Leo. And the heat between them is enough to set paper on fire.

But Leo’s afraid to commit to Jamie, no matter how much Jamie wants it. Not with the tabloids standing by, waiting for their next serving of scandal. And all the while, the book is getting closer to being finished. Will their story be cut short, or can they make it last forever?


The Sweetest Star (Under the Stars Book 2)

Eric Ronson used to be a superstar… now he’s only cooking up trouble. He needs a fake boyfriend, and fast.

As a former member of the boy band 5*Star, Eric never imagined he’d be starting a new gig as a host on a live cooking show—much less that he’d need a co-host to really help his star shine.

Dash Thompson loved his quiet life as a food writer… until a horrible breakup really stirred things up.

The offer to be on a TV show with Eric might give his life the spice it so desperately needs to get him out of his funk, but there’s only one problem (ok, maybe two)…. He has to pretend to be Eric’s boyfriend and he kind of hates Eric.

The idea of being Eric’s fake boyfriend really puts a hair in Dash’s biscuit, because Eric is everything that Dash isn’t: loud and unpredictable, wild and fun loving… so why does he want sleep with him so bad?

As the cameras roll, the line between what’s fake and what’s real quickly blurs when Eric and Dash realize they have better chemistry than sugar and spice. Can Eric give up his playboy ways and rise to the occasion? Will Dash’s heart crumble like a cookie?


Wild Star (Under the Stars Book 3)

The only place that feels like home is in his arms.

Adam traveled the globe for years. Now he’s settling down in the small town of Fox Hollow, right in the middle of the mountains and forests. His new next door neighbor is sexy, intense, and painfully overworked, and all Adam wants to do is reach out and help.

Because Adam would do anything to get closer to Grey.

Grey is desperate to get out of Fox Hollow. He’s sick of it, and has been working a dead-end job for too long. So of course, right when he’s about to leave, the ridiculously hot Adam Fara moves in next door. But why would a former pop superstar really want anything to do with Grey—a small-town guy with no money?

Grey has two jobs, no time, and a crazy dog to take care of, and shockingly, Adam offers to help. When Grey shows up one night with a bottle of liquor, he stays at Adam’s house way later than he’d planned… ending up in bed.

It’s incredible. Fiery hot and passionate, like a wild dream. Grey’s never even been in love, let alone had another guy treat him so well, giving him exactly what he needs. It’s irresistible. But…

Grey’s leaving town in just a few months. And Adam’s just settled down.

Can Grey leave Fox Hollow, now that he’s finally found a reason to stay? Or has his wild heart finally found a home?


Your Superstar (Under the Stars Book 4)

“I always thought I was straight. But now I’m not so sure….”

Chandler Price is a superstar. He’s had it all: the boy band, the solo music career, the leading roles in movies. But his love life just crashed and burned. Now all everyone can talk about is his messy divorce, and he’s lonely and adrift for the first time. And what’s worse? To keep his career afloat, he has to work with producer Ash Vance, who has a reputation for being… difficult.

Chandler was ready to hate Ash. He knew they’d clash like fire and ice. But when they start spending time together in close quarters, he’s more intrigued by the hotshot young producer than he’d ever admit.

Ash wants nothing more than to produce a huge hit song. After giving up on love, the last thing he’s looking for is a new flame. He’s happy to put his career first instead. Of course, he has a crush on Chandler—who doesn’t? But he knows he has to push the feelings down.

Because Chandler Price is straight.…Right?

But Chandler secretly can’t stop thinking about Ash’s soft skin. His lips. And how he’d look in bed. When they confront their feelings and come together, it’s scorching hot. But with a boy band reunion coming up, Chandler and Ash would have to risk their careers to ever go public about their budding relationship.

Can these two bright stars be together amid a constant swarm of paparazzi? And will they accept their changing identities to feel a love like they’ve never known?

Your Superstar is a 70,000-word gay romance novel about what happens when you realize you aren’t as straight as you thought… and you’re one of the most famous people in the world. Emotional, steamy, and complete with a happily-ever-after ending, this is the fourth book in the Under the Stars series, featuring the former members of the boy band 5*Star. Each book can be read alone or as part of the series.


Seeing Sunrise

What do you do when a one-time hookup becomes your summertime roommate?

Jesse Chase is in Colorado just for the summer, and he is determined to have fun. It’s his last summer of freedom before graduating from college, and during his first week in town, he has a sexy hookup in a bar with a hot, mysterious man. The connection is explosive, but afterward, the guy refuses to meet up again.

But two days later, Jesse finds out that that same man will be his roommate for the rest of summer…

“Is this how you get all the guys?”
“Not all the guys act like you.”

Nathan Stanford is still hurting after his engagement crumbled almost two years ago. He’s fully focused on his work as a photographer, and he’s definitely not looking for a serious relationship. But when he meets the young, intriguing Jesse in a bar, he can’t hold himself back.

He never expected to end up living with Jesse for the whole summer. He’s completely afraid of taking things any further, but at the same time, he can’t pull away…

“Stay with me. Just for tonight.”

Soon, Nathan is pulled into Jesse’s life. He’s forced to photograph a wedding that Jesse is catering, and ends up bringing Jesse on an overnight camping trip soon after.

It soon becomes clear that their feelings can’t be ignored, and what they thought was a summer fling could be so much more….


Breaking the Record

“When will I see him again? And why do I want to so badly?”

Ben Lakeland owns a failing record store in small-town Welling, New York, and it’s the last place he wants to be. Everything used to be easy: watching football with his frat buddies, drinking beer, and being popular in school. But at 24 years old, everyone else seems to have grown up but Ben. Each day the same: work, run, eat, and sleep, all on his own.

Until he meets Julian.

Everything changes when the mysterious and intriguing new customer enters his store. Who is this man who looks like he walked straight out of a rock band, with his tattoos, leather jacket, and icy blue eyes? And more importantly, why can’t Ben stop thinking about him?

“Would you ever do something like that? You know… kiss a guy?”

Julian Hart just wanted to start fresh. Dumped by his last boyfriend in New York City, he thought Welling would be different – he could focus on pursuing his master’s degree without the constant anxiety of dating.

But there’s only one shop in town to feed his endless record collecting habit, and a friendly, muscular jock works the front counter. Why is he so nice to Julian? And why can’t Julian seem to stop his habit of crushing hard on gorgeous straight guys?

“Can you come home with me? I just don’t want to be alone tonight…”

The two men can’t stay away from one another, and as hard as they try, their feelings aren’t going away. Ben struggles to navigate what his attraction to Julian might mean. Julian knows he can’t have Ben—and that’s exactly why he wants him so bad.

Julian agrees to help Ben try to save the record store. But business and music are quickly forgotten when the two of them discover things they didn’t think were possible.


Can’t Stop Now

“I’m driving 3,000 miles across the country.”
“You should take me along…”

Will Stetson just graduated from college, and with his degree in Fine Arts, he has no career prospects. He’s a talented artist with no direction, but what bothers him even more is that he can’t find love. He’s flirty, friendly, and openly gay, but he doesn’t want just a hook-up, he wants to find a boyfriend who will truly love him.

Jacob Reitner is a tall, muscular jock who also just graduated and is ready to start his new job. But what will his life be like without his soccer team, business club, and jock friends? After the breakup with his girlfriend, he decides to drive across the country, to his new job in California, all alone. At least until he meets Will… how can a guy make him feel so good?

“You’d be perfect for me if only you could ever love me back.”

On a whim, Jacob meets Will and ends up inviting him on the road trip of a lifetime. But can Jacob resist the feelings he begins to develop for Will? Or will the trip transform them into much more?

“Because I’m falling for you. Or I already have fallen for you.”