The Best Friend (Red's Tavern, Book 1)

My best friend’s a former quarterback, and I’m a nerdy math teacher.
He has no idea how badly I want him.

Back in high school, Mitch protected me from bullies and was at my side through tragedy. It didn’t matter that he was a football star and I was a mathlete, or that I was gay and he was straight. We stuck together like glue–until he married a girl and ran away.

Now Mitch is back home, and he’s a divorced single dad. His son is in my math class, and I collide with Mitch everywhere in this small town. When he starts bartending at the only local gay bar, I’m screwed. Red’s Tavern is my haven, but how can I fake it for other guys when I’m in love with the big jock behind the bar?

Then Mitch invites me into his bed, saying it’s just for fun. But I’m addicted to him the second his body is on mine.

I’ve done the math a million times. I know the odds are bad, but I know I want him.

And now that he’s given me a taste, I can’t stop begging for more.

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