The Bodyguard

He’s the hot, charming movie star that everyone craves.

But what he needs is my protection.

My whole life, I’ve been training in martial arts, learning security protocols, and keeping my body strong. I was a bouncer at clubs and an overnight security guard, but in my heart, I’m just a small-town guy. Until recently, I haven’t had much to “protect” other than the chickens in my mother’s backyard.

Then Theo Castille crashed into my life—like the wild, beautiful shooting star he is.

Theo is a world-famous actor who gets more attention than any person could handle. He’s pretty and flirty, but on the inside, there’s something broken. When I learn that he’s being stalked by a dangerous man, all of my protective instincts kick in.

Theo hires me as his personal bodyguard, and for the first time, I feel useful. I’m by his side at all times. He can’t take care of himself, so I teach him how. He can’t sleep, so I sleep next to him. 

But soon I’m addicted to being close to him. And when he kisses me, desires I’ve had for years come roaring to the surface.

I’d do anything to protect him.

But I’m not sure I can protect my own heart from falling in deep when Theo’s in my arms.