The Contractor

He’s my best friend, my best worker, and it was just a silly crush.

Then he kissed me. And now it feels like he’s mine

I’ve shown my best friend Tristan everything: how to use a circular saw, how to lay grout, and how to do a kitchen renovation right. On the job, we became close friends—then even closer as we learned to share a camping tent and got used to each other’s bodies as we swam in the local river.

It was all harmless. Just like my crush on him.

Then one night at Red’s Tavern, Tristan pretends to be my boyfriend. And apparently he likes it, because he’s started trying things with me he never has before. 

…Like kissing me. Touching me more. Dragging me into bed. He invites me on a trip back to his Colorado mountain hometown, and I fall in love with his big, awesome, quirky family, then end up in bed with him each night. 

He’s moving back there soon, and I know this is just a last hurrah. But I’m addicted to his touch. It feels less and less like he’s just my best friend, and more like he’s mine. When he casually asks me to move back home with him, it shatters my world. I’m done with “casual.” I want the real deal. My whole world is back in Kansas, and I have no idea if he just wants me for a fling.

They say to never fall for a straight guy, and to never fall for your best friend.

What happens when you accidentally do both at once?