The Silver Fox is OUT NOW!

I rescue people from danger every day.
But my love life? That’s a dumpster fire I can’t put out.

I had a badass life, my dream job as a firefighter, and I could snag anyone I wanted in bed. But when an injury temporarily took me off duty, it all screeched to a halt. Now I’m healing, staying with my brother Red in Amberfield, this small town with jack-all to do. 

Other than flirt with Perry. A hot-as-hell, shy but smoldering silver fox. And I think he wants me bad, even though I’m a straight, babyfaced jock in a baseball cap. 

Perry is a family man, through and through. He would do anything for his mom, brother, nieces and nephews. When family drama threatens to ruin his big family reunion, I know I can help. I offer to be Perry’s fake boyfriend for the reunion, so all eyes will be on us.

And then the plan works.

A little too well.

Turns out Silver Fox isn’t as bashful as he seemed. Now I’m becoming addicted to the feeling of his lips on mine. His skin pressed up against me in bed. Soon, I’m fantasizing about going all the way with him, and I’m not sure I can call myself “straight” anymore with a straight face.

At first I just craved the attention. But Perry isn’t just great in bed–his family is fun as hell, too. For once, I feel like I belong somewhere. 

And once we’re done faking it, I don’t know how the hell I’m going to leave.