The Single Dad

As a newly single dad, I had hard rules. And a sensitive, smoking hot military vet is breaking every last one….

I’ve always had everything figured out. Dream job? Check. Three beautiful kids? Check. Married my high school sweetheart? Check. 

…Until my marriage fell apart. Now I only see my kids for half of each week, and for the other half I’m left alone in my big, empty house, figuring things out all over again in my thirties. My rules were simple: no hookups for two months, no dating for a year, and nobody meets my kids.

I blew right through that first rule with Luke. 

He’s got deep eyes, beautiful tattoos, and a big, wounded military vet’s heart. At night I’m also chatting online with a guy that feels kind of like home, but is totally off limits. I find myself wishing… hoping?… that he might even be Luke.

Before long Luke is flexing his handyman skills, helping me fix up my house and transform my life into something that feels like home again, too. 

We have baggage the size of mountains, and pasts that haunt us. 

But we both know that nothing is serious… so what’s the harm?