The Stepbrother

Sam’s guide to summer:
Step 1: Get stuck on an epic family road trip with your straight, cocky, filthy-rich stepbrother.
Step 2: Pretend he didn’t kiss you on the first night of the trip.

In high school, Fox was my rival. My new stepbrother was already a career-obsessed city boy, and I was a proud small-town theater geek. I said good riddance when his cocky ass finally moved to the big city, leaving us behind.

But now after years apart, Fox agreed to come on our big family road trip.
And he’s definitely not a teenager anymore.

We’re sharing way more than just an RV. I’m closer to Fox than I’ve ever been before–camping, hiking, and swimming in the summer heat. I’ve grown out of my acne and glasses phase, and I’m not afraid to talk back to him. But I’m also getting lost in his eyes. When he kisses me, I’m not sure if I’d rather strangle him or push him into bed.

…But I want his lips on mine again.
Even though I should know better.

Fox has secrets, too. He’s been through hell, and I’m discovering the sensitive man behind his exterior. He takes me seriously, when everybody else sees me as a boy-crazy gym bunny in a tank top. But when Fox finally starts to win my heart, he gets an irresistible job offer back in NYC.

But it doesn’t matter.

It’s not like I was falling in love with my damn stepbrother, anyway. Right?