The Tight End

He’s an introverted nerd, and I’m the football player everybody wants.
But I only want to drag his shy, adorkable, 
irresistible self into my bed.

All I’ve ever been good at is running fast with a football clutched tight to my side. As a star football player for the KMU Wolves, I’ve had any guy I wanted for years, and I’m more muscle than smarts. My new roommate, Logan, is something else completely. He’s the bookworm I never was, and it seems like the closest thing he’s had to a love life is with his books.

I don’t do relationships, and I sure as hell don’t fall for anyone. But when I’m close to Logan, I’m pulled to him like a damn magnet.

He’s been hurt in the past, and I want to prove to him that there’s more to me than just physical strength. When he finds out I’m totally screwing up my senior year classes, Logan offers to help. It turns out there’s a whole lot I can teach him, too—and not just about football. I feel myself falling for every part of him: his brilliant mind, his big heart… and every inch of his body.

Being out and proud as a football player means I get more attention than I deserve, both good and bad. There’s no chance I’m letting Logan get dragged into the headlines and picked apart like I am.

But I’m used to scoring. Winning. Getting what I want.

And now all I want is him.