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Chances of a guy like him wanting a nerd like me? Zero point zero zero six percent. Approximately.

Computers have always made more sense than people do. But I fall asleep next to my laptop in bed every night, wishing I had someone warm to hold. When I was forced to attend a holiday work party, I was a nervous wreck, but determined to make a good impression.

Then Dean Aldridge showed up just in time to find me breaking the rules, complete with whiskey dripping down my chin. And he was one million times hotter in person than in the magazines.

I was an awkward mess. Dean was cocky, flirty, and every bit the playboy I expected. I never thought he’d look twice at a guy like me, but now I know that Dean’s reputation for being hot as fire in bed is true.

When he finds out I’ll be alone for Christmas, he invites me to his family’s cabin. I can’t say no. I don’t have much experience, but I know his body is addictive. I can’t stop, even though I’ve never done this before.

Small problem: I’m falling for him. Hard. And for once, this isn’t something I can hack my way out of.

I don’t go for quiet, shy, awkward guys. I’m the life of the party, and I need someone on my level. Someone experienced like me.

So why do I want Charlie so badly?
Two words: Hot. Nerd.

It doesn’t take long before we collide in bed. On the floor, actually, because Charlie is way filthier than he seems. He’s more than just pure lust under all the awkward, though. He’s worked his way into my heart and head.

Once I’ve had a taste of him, I don’t want anyone else–even though I don’t do relationships. When I learn he’ll be spending Christmas alone due to a broken family life, I can’t help but invite him to my family’s cabin. He says he only needs me physically, but for the first time, I might be catching feelings.